We are pleased to announce the 3rd Mol Micro Meeting, to be held May 7-9, 2014, at the Institute for Molecular Infection Biology (IMIB) in Würzburg. This conference represents an international meeting point for microbiologists who study the molecular biology of microorganisms with a focus on prokaryotes and fungi. Invited speakers are the main authors of selected papers that were recently published in the journal Molecular Microbiology. To attract young researchers the conference features short talks selected from submitted abstracts and an evening poster session. More information and a full list of presenting authors will appear here soon.

Confirmed Speaker

Sonja-Verena Albers (Germany)
Axel Brakhage  (Germany)
Yves Brun (USA)
Guy Cornelis (Belgium)
Caroline Harwood (USA)
David Hendrixson (USA)
Regine Hengge (Germany)
Deborah Hogan (USA)
James Imlay (USA)
Regine Kahmann (Germany)
Daniel Kearns (USA)
James Kronstad (Canada)
Sylvain Moineau (Canada)
Olaf Schneewind (USA)
Dirk Schüler  (Germany)
Christoph Tang (UK)
Gerhart Wagner (Sweden)
Gabriel Waksman (UK)
James Weisshaar (USA)
Karina Xavier (Portugal)